Flashcard Hero

The study app for when you have
little time to memorize a lot.

Deck Library

Deck Library

The home for all your decks. Different cover cards help you tell your decks apart. More.

Flash Card Editor

Writing Cards

Writing cards like in a word processor. Text formatting and lists included. More.

Studying Flash cards

Study Mode

Rating your cards while studying helps you identify your weak spots.

Card Confidence Levels

Card Ratings

Sort cards by confidence level to find and learn cards you don't know very well yet.

Your Deck Library

A home for all your facts.

Easily tell your decks apart with cover styles

You can give each deck a unique cover card choosing from a number of different colors and a variety of logos for your cards.

Keep track of what you already know

At a glance you can see how many cards for each deck you've already memorized. Detailed statistics for individual cards are available as well.

Share decks online

You can share complete decks, including images, with others online. After sharing a deck, you can post a link to it on Facebook or email it to learn together with your friends.

Writing Cards

Card by card, fact by fact.

Writing cards Q&A style or even taking notes

Each card has a separate top and bottom section to hold a question, keyword, answer, or other fact. Cards expand as you add more text, which is great for taking notes during class that you can turn into study cards later.

Grouping cards by topic

Topics are a great way to organize cards by text book chapter, for example. You can add as many topics and sub-topics as you like.

Text formatting and lists included

You can use text formatting such as bold or italic text to make important aspects stand out. Lists let you break complex facts apart so they are easier to remember.

Add images from your Mac and the Web

You can add images to your flash cards via drag & drop. Resizing and aligning images is also quick and easy. Just click on the image and drag the image resize handle until you're happy with the image size.